GTM - Gruppo Teatro Matera - founded by Enrico Anecchino in 1974, has been organising several events and remarkable cultural and tour initiatives taking place in the splendid scenery of the Sassi.

Among them:

  • The Living representation of Christian Nativity
  • The Carnival
  • The Passion of the Christ.

As for drama activities, many highly worthwhile works have been staged. The group pioneered the tour resources of the town in order to bring out the cultural and artistic value of town life and also to enhance its economic development. Since December 1977, GTM has realised the idea to open a Cave Dwelling located in the Sassi of Matera on Vico Solitario, Sasso Caveoso. In this ancient dwelling, partly excavated in the rock, there are furnishings and tools arranged as they once were so as to give the visitors the idea of how family life was organised in the Sassi. This truly cultural attraction has brought a multitude of visitors, both Italian and foreign, thus achieving widespread success and general recognition. The Cave Dwelling has become a cultural moment in the life of the Sassi and has contributed to the touristic development of the town.

Gruppo Teatro Matera, or G.T.M., is a non-profit association. It is presided over by its founder, Mr Enrico Anecchino. GTM activities cover:



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